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Remember South Vietnam’s forgotten soldiers

USA Today September 13, 2019 Shot down in a U.S. military C-123 during the Vietnam War, the remains of our allied MIA soldiers were without a country. I knew I had to act. How do we as a society remember our dead, including those who lost their lives alongside us in our nation’s wars? William […]

Vietnam continues boosting ties with the US

Vietnam Net February 5, 2017 Vietnam will continue boosting ties with the US and further deepening bilateral comprehensive partnership, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc told former US Senator James Webb during a reception in Hanoi on February 3.  The PM emphasised that the bilateral ties have grown positively and practically in bilateral, regional and global […]

Vietnam, 1969

All photos are the property of Jim Webb and may not be reproduced in any manner without permission.

Vietnam, 1990s

All photos are the property of Jim Webb and may not be reproduced in any manner without permission.

U.S. May Sell Military Technology to Vietnam, Senator Says

August 24, 2011Bloomberg News The U.S. Defense Department is examining whether the country will lift restrictions on the sale of military technology to Vietnam, Senator Jim Webb said at a press conference in Hanoi today. The department and Vietnam’s Ministry of Defense have had “careful but positive” discussions on the issue, he said. The U.S. […]

Heroes of the Vietnam Generation

July/August 2000by James Webb, American Enterprise Institute The rapidly disappearing cohort of Americans that endured the Great Depression and then fought World War II is receiving quite a send-off from the leading lights of the so-called ’60s generation. Tom Brokaw has published two oral histories of “The Greatest Generation” that feature ordinary people doing their […]

History Proves Vietnam Victors Wrong

April 28, 2000by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal “Vietnam should teach us an important lesson. Hanoi [is creating] a collectivist society . . . likely to produce greater welfare and security for its people than any local alternative ever offered, at a cost in freedom that affects a small elite.” Stanley Hoffman; The New […]

The Media’s War on Vietnam Vets

July 15, 1998by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal Last week CNN founder Ted Turner issued a fervent apology to Vietnam veterans for his network’s false report that the military had used sarin nerve gas in Vietnam. “Nothing has upset me more probably in my whole life,” Mr. Turner said, adding that he “would take […]

Peace? Defeat? What Did the Vietnam War Protesters Want?

May/June 1997by James Webb, American Enterprise Institute It is difficult to explain to my children that in my teens and early twenties the most frequently heard voices of my peers were trying to destroy the foundations of American society, so that it might be rebuilt according to their own narcissistic notions. In retrospect it’s hard […]

Vietnam Vets Didn’t Kill Babies, and They Aren’t Suicidal

April 6, 1986by James Webb, The Washington Post Give yourself the “Great Rorschach Test of Vietnam.” What comes to mind when you hear the words “Vietnam Veteran?” Quite frankly, whether your reaction is anger, arrogance, sympathy or respect, chances are it is also filled with negative connotations. When we think Vietnam veterans, we think problems. […]

The Invisible Vietnam Veteran

August 4, 1976by James H. Webb, The Washington Post From an address in acceptance of the 1976 Outstanding Veteran award from the Vietnam Veterans Civic Council. The most important part of an award such as this is its symbolic value as notice to the community. I don’t need to elaborate in front of this assemblage […]

The Vietnam Veterans Civic Council’s Bicentennial “Outstanding Veteran Award”


‘The Hardhat Riot’ Review: What the Riots Foretold

In 1970, blue-collar workers confronted antiwar protesters. The quarrel continues. By Jim WebbJune 26, 2020  ‘For the first time in a century,” New York Mayor John Lindsay pronounced in 1970, “we are not sure there is a future for America.” Those concerned about our country’s current turmoil may take comfort in the fact that we […]

Former Senator and Secretary of the Navy James Webb named inaugural distinguished fellow at Notre Dame International Security Center

by Colleen Sharkey March 17, 2020 Notre Dame’s International Security Center (NDISC) has named James Webb its first distinguished fellow. Webb, a Vietnam Marine combat veteran, former senator and former secretary of the Navy is a national security and foreign policy specialist and the author of 10 books. “It is an honor and a distinct […]

Mac McGarvey

January 13, 2020 America lost a great spirit this morning, and I lost one of my most treasured friends. Everyone who knew Mac McGarvey loves to trade stories about the flawless timing of his dry sense of humor, his pride in having served as a United States Marine, his loyalty to his friends, and the […]

The Future of the U.S. Marine Corps

The Future of the Marine Corps Former Senator Jim Webb May 7, 2020 On September 4, 2002, five months before the invasion of Iraq, this writer warned in an editorial for the Washington Post that “China can only view the prospect of an American military consumed for the next generation by the turmoil of the […]

Remarks by Former Senator Jim Webb – Lost Soldiers Ceremony

Westminster, California 26 October, 2019 This has been and will continue to be a very special day. It is an historic day and we are grateful to all of you for coming here to be a part of it, and for our distinguished guests who have shared their memories and their thoughts. It’s a great […]

Update: LOST SOLDIERS Ceremony 26 October 2019

JIM WEBB SUMMARY LOST SOLDIERS CEREMONY 26 October 2019 We would like to provide a summary of the ceremony and interment events that will take place on 26 October at Freedom Park and in the nearby Westminster Cemetery in Orange County, California. The general public is invited and encouraged to attend.  A large crowd is […]


I am also honored that former Marine and Chairman of FEDEX Fred Smith will join us as a featured speaker at the memorial service in Westminster, California on October 26.  As mentioned before, the memorial service and interment ceremony will provide a final resting place for 81 South Vietnamese Army soldiers who lost their lives […]


I am pleased to announce that former Marine and Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer will join us as a featured speaker at the memorial service in Westminster, California on October 26.  The memorial service and interment ceremony will provide a final resting place for 81 South Vietnamese Army soldiers who lost their lives while […]

Lost Soldiers Foundation; A Message from Jim Webb

September 14, 2019 Dear Friends: I wanted to share the below piece, which ran in the internet edition of USA Today on Friday and in the weekend print edition of today.  This is the first time we have publicly identified the date of the transfer of the ARVN remains from Hawaii to California, and also […]

Former Senator Jim Webb has strong ties to Guam

Kuam News By Nestor Licanto January 30, 2017 Jim Webb is a former US senator, Navy secretary, and democratic presidential candidate, he also has a long history with Guam, dating back to the 1970’s  when he wrote a book about the strategic importance of Guam and Micronesia. “The way that I started this many, many […]

Webb Addresses America’s Elites, Trump, & Foreign Policy In Keynote

‘How wrong are these elites, at least as it relates to the rest of the country? Look for a moment at the most glaring foreign policy failures of the past 15 years.’ Jim Webb, former senator and secretary of the Navy, gave this keynote address at The American Conservative’s “Foreign Policy in America’s Interest” conference […]

To Kill A Man (A Short Story by James Webb)

POLITICO: Long before James Webb became secretary of the Navy or a U.S. senator—or even potentially a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate—he was a 23-year-old Marine fighting in Vietnam’s An Hoa basin, west of the city of Da Nang, as part of the Fifth Marine Regiment. During his tour as a rifle platoon and company commander, […]

The American Conservative: James Webb, War Novelist

April 10, 2015 by Bill Kauffman The former senator’s literary work displays his noninterventionist past and appealing populism. James Webb is the best politician-novelist since Brand Whitlock, the early 20th-century Ohio realist, mayor of Toledo, and protege of the sainted Tolstoyan Samuel “Golden Rule” Jones. Whitlock was spoken of as a potential Democratic candidate for president; […]

Ezra Klein: Why Jim Webb thinks America should pay more attention to criminal justice and Alzheimer’s

March 9, 2015 by Ezra Klein, Vox There are few political careers more varied than James Webb’s. He served in Ronald Reagan’s administration — first as assistant secretary of defense for Reserve Affairs, and then as secretary of the Navy from 1984 to 1988. After leaving politics to write, he returned in 2006 as the Democratic […]

A Review of I Heard My Country Calling by the Washington Independent Review of Books, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014by Tom Glenn, The Washington Independent Review of Books ““Nobody’s going to outwork me.” Through sheer determination and hard work, Jim Webb excelled as a Marine, a U.S. Senator, and a bestselling author. [H]is narrative offers an inside, no-punches-held look at the life of a man to whom independence was more important than money or […]

C-SPAN2, Book-TV Features Jim Webb, “I Heard My Country Calling: A Memoir,” June 28 & 30, 2014

Broadcasts, June 28 & 30, 2014 About the Program Former Senator James Webb recounts his early life, as the son of a career military officer, and how it shaped his political career. A Naval Academy graduate, Webb was a Marine lieutenant in Vietnam, where he received numerous awards for his service. James Webb speaks at […]

Jim Webb on “The Fine Print” with Jeff Zeleny, June 3, 2014

  The ‘Aunt Lena test’: Why Jim Webb’s great-aunt would not allow him in her house June 3, 2014by Jeff Zeleny, Richard Coolidge and Alexandra Dukakis The Fine Print – View the Video Politics has always been a part of the Webb family. Long before he was elected to the U.S. Senate, back when James […]

Senator James Webb discusses his new memoir at the National Constitution Center, May 27, 2014

Video, May 28, 2014 Former U.S. Senator and Navy Secretary James Webb joined the National Constitution Center on Tuesday  to discuss his new memoir, I Heard My Country Calling—a deeply personal account of his early childhood through his tour in Vietnam and eventual election to the U.S. Senate. “[During] my last year in the Marine […]

A Special Memorial Day Segment on CBS Sunday Morning, May 25, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014 James Webb answered the call nearly a half-century ago, and has been trying to serve his country ever since. National security correspondent David Martin interviews the former Marine and Vietnam Vet who has also served as Secretary of the Navy and in the U.S. Senate.  

The New American Militarism: How Americans are Seduced by War

Webb Reviews: The New American Militarism: How Americans are Seduced by War Spring 2005by James Webb, The American Scholar History, as T.S. Eliot wrote, “has many cunning passages, contrived corridors and issues, deceives with whispering ambitions, guides us by vanities.” And the great poet certainly would be having fun if he were alive today, watching […]

Creating Equal

Taking on the Status of Quotas: A Review of “Creating Equal” May 22, 2000by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed For years the debate over affirmative action has desperately needed a “truth teller” whose credentials could not be demeaned because of his own ethnic background or because of allegations of personal bitterness. Ward Connerly, a […]


The Novelist Who Put a Human Face on War: A Review of “Catch-22” December 15, 1999by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed It has been more than 30 years since I read “Catch-22,” but when I learned that Joseph Heller had died on Sunday, the book sprang back at me with a startling vividness. […]

Jim Reviews 5 Books on Soldiers & Warfare

Jim Reviews 5 Books on Soldiers & Warfare   The Wall Street Journal, May 27, 2006For Memorial Day, a former Marine James Webb salutes these military books 1. Once an Eagle, Anton Myrer, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1968 Quite simply, America’s “War and Peace.” “Once an Eagle” is the finest novel ever written about what […]

Jim Webb on the “Diane Rehm Show” NPR/WAMU-FM 88.5 / May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014NPR Former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) grew up in a military family and went on to serve as a highly decorated combat Marine in the Vietnam War, and later, secretary of the Navy. We talk with Webb about leadership, love of country and life after Congress. GuestsJim Webb, former Democratic senator from […]

Lost Soldiers (2001)

Once in a great while there comes a novel of such emotional impact and acute insight that it forever changes the way a reader sees a nation or an era. Writing with an unerring sense of suspense and of history experienced firsthand, James Webb takes us on a myth-shattering cultural odyssey deep into the heart […]

AARP: A Conversation with James Webb, May 10, 2014

May 10, 2014AARP The 68-year-old former U.S. senator from Virginia, Vietnam combat veteran and novelist talked to the Bulletin about the war that changed his generation, what worries him about America’s future and his new memoir, I Heard My Country Calling. Q: Your book is about life in the military, both as a dependent of […]

Born Fighting (2004)

More than 27 million Americans today can trace their lineage to the Scots, whose bloodline was stained by centuries of continuous warfare along the border between England and Scotland, and later in the bitter settlements of England’s Ulster Plantation in Northern Ireland. Between 250,000 and 400,000 Scots-Irish migrated to America in the eighteenth century, traveling in […]

Something to Die For (1991)

From bestselling author, decorated Vietnam veteran and former Secretary of the Navy James Webb comes a blisteringly authentic novel of the ruthless politics of war — a searing indictment of those at the top who dictate military policy…and a moving tribute to the courageous soldiers who must pay the ultimate price. It is a bloody […]

A Country Such as This (1983)

The innocence the 1950s and turbulence of the 1960s and 70s–years when America reached out and touched the heavens, only to be torn apart by internal conflict and a war in Southeast Asia–provide a dramatic setting for this unforgettable story of three men and the women they love carving a place for themselves in a […]

Fields of Fire (1978)

Fields of Fire is James Webb’s classic, searing novel of the Vietnam War, a novel of poetic power, razor-sharp observation, and agonizing human truths seen through the prism of nonstop combat. Weaving together a cast of vivid characters, Fields of Fire captures the journey of unformed men through a man-made hell — until each man […]


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About Jim

About Jim Jim Webb, former Senator from Virginia, has been a combat Marine, a counsel in the Congress, an assistant secretary of defense and Secretary of the Navy, an Emmy-award winning journalist, a film-maker, and the author of ten books. Mr. Webb is descended principally from the Scots-Irish settlers who came to this country from Northern Ireland […]

I Heard My Country Calling (2014)

James Webb, author of Fields of Fire, the classic novel of the Vietnam War former U.S. Senator; Secretary of the Navy; recipient of the Navy Cross, Silver Star and Purple Heart as a combat Marine; and a self-described “military brat”—has written an extraordinary memoir of his early years, “a love story love of family, love […]

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Citizen Leadership, jointly awarded by the University of Virginia as its highest recognition for public service

April 9, 2014 University of Virginia and The Thomas Jefferson Foundation Foundation at Monticello, Press Release CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., — The University of Virginia and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello will present their highest honors, the 2014 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medals in Architecture, Law and Citizen Leadership, to, respectively: Toyo Ito, a Tokyo-based architect who combines […]

Still Here

March 20, 2013The Richmond Times-Dispatch Opinion Jim Webb no longer represents Virginia in the United States Senate. He has not disappeared. He has written the lead article for the March/April issue of The National Interest. In “Legislative Irrelevance,” Webb laments the “fading role of Congress in foreign-policy decision-making.” Throughout his life, Webb has focused on […]

Congressional Abdication

March/April 2013 Editionby Jim Webb, The National Interest Magazine IN MATTERS of foreign policy, Congress, and especially the Senate, was designed as a hedge against the abuses exhibited by overeager European monarchs who for centuries had whimsically entangled their countries in misguided adventures. America would not be such a place. The Constitution would protect our […]

The American Legion Distinguished Public Service Award

February 26, 2013The American Legion Former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran from Virginia and author and sponsor of the Post-9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Act, was awarded The American Legion Distinguished Public Service Award on Feb. 26, during the Legion’s 53rd annual Washington Conference. “I thank you for recognizing me for […]

Jim Webb on ‘Givers’ and ‘Takers’

September 28, 2012by James Fallows, The Atlantic I have known, respected, and come very much to like Jim Webb over the course of more than 30 years. We originally met because of deep disagreements about the Vietnam War. He went to Annapolis, served with distinction and bravery as Marine officer, was badly wounded, and then […]

On Givers and Takers

September 27, 2012Senator Jim Webb, Virginia Beach, VA Excerpted from Senator Jim Webb’s speech. People are worried.  They want to know that America will retain its place as the guarantor of global stability but they’re fed up with unnecessary military adventures.  With schools in need of construction and highways needing repairs here at home they’re no […]

Committee approves Webb provisions to protect Post-9/11 GI Bill

September 12, 2012Senator Jim Webb, Official Press Release The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee today approved important provisions by Senator Jim Webb, author of the landmark Post-9/11 GI Bill, to protect veterans’ education benefits from abuses by certain schools. In March 2012, Senator Webb introduced the Military and Veterans Educational Reform Act to require schools participating […]

The South China Sea’s Gathering Storm

August 20, 2012by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal Since World War II, despite the costly flare-ups in Korea and Vietnam, the United States has proved to be the essential guarantor of stability in the Asian-Pacific region, even as the power cycle shifted from Japan to the Soviet Union and most recently to China. The […]

Virginia Senator Influenced by Gloves Official as a Youth In His Corner

March 15, 2012by Rich Kaipust, The World-Herald U.S. Sen. Jim Webb has never forgotten Harley Cooper. The Virginia Democrat flashes back about 50 years to an old boxing gym he frequented as a high school student in Nebraska. Webb was just learning the sweet science from the Air Force sergeant. Cooper handed Webb his watch […]

Webb: ‘US and Japan paralyzed over Okinawa’

February 6, 2012Peter Ennis, Dispatch Japan Editor’s note: The following interview was conducted jointly for Weekly Toyo Keizai, and Dispatch Japan. Senator Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia, is chairman, East Asian and Pacific Affairs, subcommittee, Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Webb is also a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Along with Senators Levin […]

Special Report: How the U.S. coaxed Myanmar in from the cold

December 22, 2011by Andrew Quinn, Reuters (Reuters) – Myanmar’s generals were looking for a chance to improve ties with the United States. A disturbed American gave them one in May 2009, when he swam across Yangon’s Inya Lake on “a mission from God” to rescue Aung San Suu Kyi. John Yettaw, a 53-year-old Vietnam veteran […]

Turning America’s Gaze Toward Asia

October 14, 2011by Emily Cadei, CQ Weekly In April 2001, Jim Webb took a break from writing novels to pen a testy opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal that heavily criticized the recently departed Clinton administration’s record on China and called for Washington to “reinvigorate” its alliances in East Asia, particularly Japan, to counter […]

Jim Webb’s Criminal Justice Crusade

September 11, 2011,by Andrew Romano, Newsweek/Daily Beast One in 31 Americans is lost in the criminal-justice system. As his senate career winds down, Webb is determined to change that. Jim Webb is in jail. This is not because an aide to the combustible Virginia senator was caught carrying his boss’s loaded 9mm semiautomatic pistol into […]

Marine Corps Reserve Association Frank M. Tejeda Leadership Award for Commitment to National Defense and Strong Support of the Marine Corps

April 17, 2011Alexandria News Marine Corps Commandant praises “the Webb G.I. Bill” Webb Honored with Tejeda Leadership Award from the Marine Corps Reserve Association United States Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) was honored this week by the Marine Corps Reserve Association with the Frank M. Tejeda Leadership Award for his commitment to national defense and his […]

An Interview With Jim Webb

December 8, 2010PRISM Jim Webb, the senior U.S. Senator from Virginia, serves as Chairman of the Personnel Subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Chairman of the Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Webb has extensive knowledge of military and foreign affairs from his service as […]

CNN’s John King Interviews Senator Jim Webb

October 1, 2010Washington Ideas Forum KING: I had a whole list of questions for Senator Webb. Then we were talking behind the curtain, so I am going to rip this up and throw it out. But I will start with what we’ll call the chief political questions of the moment, and then we’ll move on […]

Webb Keynote at Defense Forum Washington 2010

September 10, 2010Military Officers Association of America MOAA and the U.S. Naval Institute joined forces to host Defense Forum Washington Sept. 10 at the Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C. The forum focused on “A New Normal: How Is the War Within Transforming Our Force and Families?” A distinguished panel of uniformed service and administration leaders, […]

We Can’t Afford to Ignore Myanmar

August 25, 2009by Jim Webb, The New York Times Eight years ago I visited Myanmar as a private citizen, traveling freely in the capital city of Yangon and around the countryside. This lush, breathtakingly beautiful nation was even then showing the strain of its severance from the outside world. I was a guest of an […]

Military Order of the Purple Heart’s (MOPH) Special Leadership Award

February 11, 2009Senator Jim Webb, Official Press Release Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) today was honored with the Military Order of the Purple Heart’s (MOPH) Special Leadership Award in recognition of both his work to create a new post- 9/11 GI Bill and his role as advocate for America’s men and women in uniform. A Marine […]

Marine for Life Award

October 28, 2008Senator Jim Webb, Official Press Release Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) will be honored this evening with the “Marine for Life” award, presented annually to “an individual who has personified distinguished service to the nation driven by moral and ethical values that are the pride and strength of the United States Marine Corps.” The […]

Esquire’s Magazine’s Most Influential People of the 21st Century

September 18, 2008By K K Ottesen, Esquire Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia, has done more to repair his party’s relationship with the military than anyone since the Democrats ran afoul of the rank and file during the Vietnam era by appearing not so much antiwar as antimilitary. Webb’s new GI Bill, passed this year, will […]

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Gold Medal & Citation of Merit for Exceptional Leadership on Post-9/11 GI Bill

August 15, 2008Senator Jim Webb, Official Press Release Senator to Receive Award, Speak to National Convention of Veterans in Orlando Tuesday Next Tuesday, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) will be awarded the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Gold Medal and Citation of Merit for his leadership in sponsoring the Post 9/11 GI Bill, which was signed […]

What It Means To Be A Leader

May 18, 2008Adapted from “A Time to Fight” © Jim Webb (Broadway Books, 2008), Parade Magazine On June 5, 1968, I had the honor of taking the oath of office as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Thus my professional career began with a vow to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign […]

2007 State of the Union Address Response

January 23, 2007 Senator Jim Webb addresses economic fairness as the central theme of his SOTU response. Good evening.  I’m Senator Jim Webb, from Virginia, where this year we will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown ­ an event that marked the first step in the long journey that has made us the […]

Caspar Willard Weinberger

March 31, 2006by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal From the window of my office I can see the flag pole on the main hilltop of historic Fort Myer, where high-ranking officers, including the Army’s Chief of Staff, have resided for more than a century. The flag is at half-mast, as it always is when […]

Purple Heartbreakers

January 18, 2006by James Webb, The New York Times It should come as no surprise that an arch-conservative Web site is questioning whether Representative John Murtha, the Pennsylvania Democrat who has been critical of the war in Iraq, deserved the combat awards he received in Vietnam. After all, in recent years extremist Republican operatives have […]

Q&A: James Webb, Former Secretary of the Navy

October 30, 2005The San Diego Union-Tribune Webb, a 1968 Naval Academy graduate, was a highly decorated Marine infantry officer in Vietnam. He was an assistant secretary of defense and later secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration. Webb is the author of six novels, the non-fiction “Born Fighting” and several Hollywood screenplays. He lectured […]

Why You Need To Know the Scots Irish

October 3, 2004by James Webb, Parade Magazine One of the most powerful cultural forces shaping America, they’ve produced great Presidents, soldiers, inventors, actors and writers. But, as a group, they’ve remained invisible. The time has come to change that, says the author.Combat Marine, novelist and Emmy-award winning journalist, PARADE Contributing Editor James Webb was Navy […]

Hunting Down Al Qaeda ~ A Report From Afghanistan

September 12, 2004by James Webb, Parade Magazine The four engine C-130 Hercules descends toward total darkness above Tarin Kowt in the plains of central Afghanistan, 70 miles north of the ancient capital of Kandahar. Its wheels finally bite into an unmarked dirt airstrip. The aircraft brakes hard, then taxis along the strip. Billows of dust […]

Former Navy Secretary Unleashes Tide of Iraq Criticism

April 29, 2004by Eric Weslander, Lawrence Journal-World A critical question for citizens and journalists to ask the U.S. government right now is this: “Under what circumstances will the United States military withdraw from Iraq?” That’s according to James Webb, the novelist, decorated Vietnam veteran and Reagan-administration Secretary of the Navy, who spoke Wednesday night at […]

Why We Fought & Why We Would Do It Again

September 2003by James Webb, The American Legion Magazine Against a backdrop of political mismanagement and social angst, history has failed to respect those who gave their all to the war in Vietnam. Forty years ago, Asia was at a vital crossroads, moving into an uncertain future dominated by three different historical trends. The first involved the […]

Government Ethics in the Post-Iraq War Era

June 23, 2003The Investment Dealers Association, Canada It pains me to point this out, but in my view the United States invasion of Iraq was one of the most ill-advised and reckless actions that the US government has ever taken. I make this statement not as a knee-jerk anti-war activist, but as one who still […]

The War In Iraq Turns Ugly. That’s What Wars Do.

March 30, 2003by James Webb, The New York Times This campaign was begun, like so many others throughout history, with lofty exhortations from battlefield commanders to their troops, urging courage, patience, compassion for the Iraqi people and even chivalry. Within a week it had degenerated into an unexpected ugliness in virtually every populated area where […]

Webb Calls North Korea Greater Threat To U.S. Security Than Iraq

January 6, 2003by Malina Brown, Inside the Navy The current nuclear standoff with North Korea should make the Bush administration question whether it is preparing to fight the right war or if it can afford to go to war with Iraq at all, according to former Navy Secretary James Webb. While not advocating a war […]

Is Hollywood Pro-Military Now?

March 25, 2002by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal Except for the special case of movies about World War II, it has been a long time since we have seen a major film that shows modern American soldiers fighting hard battles with courage, dignity and a sense of purpose. And now we have two. “Black […]

A New Doctrine for New Wars

November 30, 2001by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal For more than a decade, our military has been conducting its world-wide activities without a clearly articulated doctrine that would dictate the size and makeup of its forces and the acceptable uses to which they would be put. So long as the Soviet Union remained a […]

We Must Go After Them and Eliminate Them

October 17, 2001by James Webb, Naval Institute: Proceedings Magazine When Secretary Webb saw the Pentagon on fire, the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine base in Beirut—which killed 241 Americans—came to mind. The separate groups who perpetrated these acts, he says, understand only one thing: the use of force. When the terrorist incident occurred at […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

Written on September 11, 2001.  Posted on since September 13, 2001.*Special Article* The country is united in its determination not only to seek reprisals for the unforgivable acts of September 11, 2001, but also to take whatever actions necessary to minimize the probability of a future recurrence. President Bush himself has been purposely vague […]

The Price of Duty

May 27, 2001by James Webb, Parade Magazine Johnny Liverman died in Vietnam more than 32 years ago, yet his father, a decorated World War II veteran, still maintains a graveside vigil. On this Memorial Day, they’re a poignant reminder of our nation’s citizen soldier legacy. My office looks out on Arlington National Cemetery. Finishing a […]

The Consequence of War

May 1, 2001by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal The Vietnamese government is happy to trot out witnesses from the supposed atrocity conducted by Bob Kerrey’s Navy SEAL’s at Thanh Phong. It is doubtful that they would be so cooperative if questions were asked about Communist killings in places such as My Loc. In April […]

The Struggle for Mastery in Asia

April 13, 2001by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal “Draw them in with the prospect of gain, take them by confusion. Use anger to throw them into disarray.”Sun Tzu, “The Art of War” Pundits will no doubt spend the next several days arguing over the language of the American apology that brought the crew of […]

Should We Leave Okinawa

March 11, 2001by James Webb, Parade Magazine Amid calls for American troops to go home, a decorated Marine and ex-Navy Secretary examines whether we can afford to give up our most important military outpost in the Pacific.Contributing Editor James Webb was Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan. Earlier, he received the Navy Cross and Silver […]

The Insult of Carter’s Mass Pardon

February 23, 2001by James Webb, Letters to the Editor, The Wall Street Journal It is a pleasurable experience to watch Bill Clinton finally being judged, even by his own party, for the ethical fraudulence that has characterized his entire political career. But allowing Jimmy Carter a free pass on the issue of presidential pardons, as was […]

The Novelist Who Put A Human Face on War: A Review of “Catch 22”

December 15, 1999by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal It has been more than 30 years since I read “Catch-22,” but when I learned that Joseph Heller had died on Sunday, the book sprang back at me with a startling vividness. Yossarian in the hospital, censoring letters according to his own random formulas. Major Major, […]

The Bridge at No Gun Ri

October 6, 1999by James Webb, The Wall Street Journal I do not know what happened to the civilians at the bridge near the village of No Gun Ri, although it seems clear from recent Associated Press reports that many of them died in the early days of the Korean War as their country was being […]

Dear Supe

July/August 1999by James Webb, American Enterprise Institute James Webb graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1968. For his service in Vietnam as a Marine Lieutenant he was awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts. He went on to earn a law degree from Georgetown, then wrote several […]

Warily Watching China

February 23, 1999by James Webb, The New York Times An oddly nonlinear debate has emerged in Washington regarding the implications of China’s growing power. Those who are concerned mainly with national defense measure tangibles like China’s leaps in military technology, its nuclear and military assistance to other nations and its frequent saber-rattling over various East […]

Military Leadership in a Changing Society

November 16, 1998Naval War College Conference on Ethics, Newport RI My current professional endeavors offer me a great vantage point from which to observe the forces that are shaping the world. I travel a lot, and often find myself in discussions with people of widely varying backgrounds regarding the turbulence within our society, how other […]

Can We Still Rely On An Old Ally? The Philippines

May 25, 1997by James Webb, Parade Magazine Contributing Editor James Webb is a former US Secretary of the Navy, and a recipient of the Navy Cross and the Silver Star for his service in Vietnam. He is the author of four novels, including the Vietnam classic “Fields of Fire.” A frequent traveler to East Asia, […]

Tradition and the Military, an Interview with James Webb

March/April 1997American Enterprise Institute James Webb isn’t likely to forget military tradition as he works in his Arlington office overlooking the Iwo Jima Memorial. The walls, shelves, and tables bristle with mementos of his varied life: military honors; a model of the three-soldiers statue from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (he served on its planning committee), an […]

The War On Military Culture

January 20, 1997by James Webb, The Weekly Standard During the summer of 1975, a debate of historic proportions occurred on the floor of the House of Representatives. The debate was significant not because of its rhetoric, which was rather shopworn, or because the issue under discussion was dramatic — a bill mandating the admission of […]

Naval Institute Annual Conference

April 25, 1996United States Naval Academy, Annapolis MD “Surely one of the best speeches in the second half of this century.” Washington Times Like so many graduates of this institution, I am flooded with memories each time I drive through the Naval Academy gates and see the monuments and buildings that have by now become […]

Robert McNamara, the Anti-War Left, & the Triumph of Intellectual Dishonesty

Fall 1995by James Webb, Strategic Review About a year ago I made a presentation to a group of high-powered account executives at one of the world’s largest investment banks. My speech discussed Vietnam’s current demographics, its economic future, and the desirability of doing business there. During the question-and-answer period I was challenged by a gentleman […]

Political Correctness Infects the Pentagon

July 10, 1994by James Webb, The New York Times In looking for someone to head the United States complex and dangerous military operations in the Pacific (including the Korean Peninsula) one could hardly have found an officer more qualified than Adm. Stanley R. Arthur – who until recently was indeed the nominee for the job. […]

Witch Hunt In the Navy

October 6, 1992by James Webb, The New York Times The Tailhook scandal has been “spun up,” to borrow a service phrase, into a crisis that affects the Navy leadership’s credibility on a wide range of issues. A botched internal investigation and the ongoing revelations of inexcusable harassment of women at a Las Vegas convention of, […]

Can We Put the War Behind Us?

August, 23, 1992By James Webb Little by little, the United States is normalizing its relationship with an old enemy, but not all the wounds have healed. We are preparing to leave Tan Son Nhut Airport in Saigon (officially called Ho Chi Minh City by the Communists) after three weeks inside Vietnam. As I carry my […]

…and the Horrors of A Desert War

September 23, 1990by James Webb, The New York Times President Bush has not only embarked on his own voyage into the Persian Gulf, that Bermuda Triangle of Presidencies. Unlike his two immediate predecessors, he has dragged more than a hundred thousand of our troops with him. And as the President struggles at home, our troops […]

Remarks at the Confederate Memorial

June 3, 1990Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA This is by no means my first visit to this spot. The Confederate Memorial has had a special place in my life for many years. During the bitter turbulence of the early and mid-1970’s I used to come here quite often. I had recently left the Marine Corps […]

Help for the Forgotten

March 25 1990By James Webb In Bangkok’s worst slums, Father Joe Maier makes sure there is help for the Forgotten Imagine a nation where almost any act is permitted as long as it does not infringe upon another person’s freedoms; a country that knows no racial prejudices; a country that prospers while other nations in […]

No Ordinary War, No Ordinary Hero

February 25, 1990by James Webb, The New York Times John McCain’s presidential campaign, more clearly than any since that of Dwight D. Eisenhower, emphasizes military biography over political accomplishments. Just as Eisenhower was embraced by the nation for the leadership he showed in World War II, any discussion about Mr. McCain begins with his ordeal […]

Can He Come Home Again?

April 2, 1989by James Webb, Parade Magazine David Hackworth’s love for the Army was greater than anything else in his life. Until it disappointed him. Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, is an historic post, made famous in the novel From Here to Eternity. One almost searches for the rowdy, khaki-clad soldiers of yesteryear as he passes the […]

At Least the Navy Knows What It’s Doing in the Gulf

April 20, 1988by James Webb, The Washington Post The recent exchange of hostilities in the Persian Gulf reminds us of three recurring truisms that have yet to be resolved in American security policy. The first is that we proceed from crisis to crisis without clearly stated national goals, reacting to, rather than controlling, the diplomatic […]

U.S. Military: Strength Through Flexibility

January 13, 1988Hon. James H. Webb, Jr., Secretary of the NavyNational Press Club, Washington DC Countless commentators have already marked 1988 as a threshold year, and certainly we are in a period of rather uncomfortable transition as a nation, a period whose dynamics we do not yet fully comprehend. Certain realities are more apparent than […]

USNA Brigade – Forrestal Lecture

September 30, 1987Hon. James H. Webb, Jr., Secretary of the NavyUnited States Naval Academy, Annapolis MD Thank you very much Admiral Marryott. Men and women of the Brigade, it is indeed a privilege for me to be able to spend an hour with you tonight and to talk to you about a number of things. […]

Can The Marines Come Back?

July 5, 1987By Al Santoli James Webb, The New Secretary of the Navy, Faces a Crucial Question. On July 10, 1969, in a blood-soaked valley in the shadow of Vietnam’s Que Son Mountains, a company of American Marines fought its way through an exploding labyrinth of Viet Cong bunkers and tunnels. During the battle, a […]

Navy Secretary Webb Again Sworn In

May 2, 1987by George C. Wilson, The Washington Post Navy Secretary James H. Webb Jr. made a triumphant return to the Naval Academy today for a public, second swearing-in ceremony attended by members of his old Marine outfit who heard him decry “the political reverberations of the Vietnam war” that “dealt a vicious whiplash to those […]

Military Competence

August 28, 1986Hon. James H. Webb Jr., Asst. Sec. of Defense for Reserve AffairsCommonwealth Club of California, San Francisco CA On March 21, the members of the Commonwealth Club received a presentation by Dr. Richard Gabriel on the subject of “Military Incompetence.” It is fair to say that I am speaking today as a result […]

This Holocaust Still Goes On, Why Do We Ignore It?

April 14, 1983by James Webb, The Washington Post In this week of remembering the anguish of the Holocaust, in these days of commemorating those who survived, let us take just a moment to consider the crimes that continue in Cambodia. No one knows how many Cambodians were killed after the communists took control of that […]

When A One-Armed Man Is Not A Loser

November 21, 1982by James Webb, Parade Magazine The day the piece of shrapnel ripped his arm away just below the shoulder, a clean swipe like a hot knife that left the arm itself intact at his feet, I cried. Mike McGarvey was my radio operator, which in a Marine rifle platoon is tantamount to shadowhood, […]

The American Legion National Commander Public Relations Award

1979 A highly decorated Vietnam War Marine veteran, former staffer with the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and faculty member at the U.S. Naval Academy (his alma mater), Webb was presented with the award in 1979 after writing “Fields of Fire,” a novel about several Marines serving during Vietnam.

Flexibility and the Fire Team

April 1972by Capt. James H. Webb, Marine Corps Gazette The proposed six-man fire team would provide a more viable maneuver unit, capable of fulfilling its mission while sustaining casualties. Students of Marine Corps tactics are taught that the smallest tactical and maneuver element in the Corps is the fire team. Many combat-tested squad leaders, however, […]

Roles & Missions: Time For A Change

March 1972by Capt. James H. Webb, Marine Corps Gazette Limited by law to implementing exclusively its traditional amphibious capability places the Marine Corps in a rather tenuous situation. The past few years have produced a previously uncontemplated number of changes in our society, some of them revolutionary and many long overdue. Almost every facet of […]