Reviews of Jim Webb's Books

James Webb, a legendary fighting man, tells a remarkable story - how the Scots-Irish and their fighting faith in America shaped the great nation we are today. His profound insights deepen our understanding not only of this unique people, but also of America's past and present.  
JOHN McCAIN, U.S. Senator

James Webb writes like Scots-Irish warriors take to the battlefield--with power and purpose, with courage and clarity. Born Fighting delights and inspires; in reading it I learned more about my nation, my family, and myself. James Webb is a Warrior-Poet, and he has written an extraordinary book.

BORN FIGHTING is a bombshell – or else the most brilliant battle flare ever launched by a book.  James Webb reveals the all-but-invisible ethnic group that has created the core beliefs of democracy American style: our rights come from God not the Government; all of us are born equal and ‘born aristocrats’ don’t exist; and tread on either of those two truths, and we’ll fight you down to the last unbroken hyoid bone.  The Scots-Irish (for such is their name) have fought all our wars for us, including Vietnam.  James Webb was there, and he can count.  He has written not only an engrossing  story but also an important work of sociological history in the tradition of the great James Graham Leyburn.


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