Speeches by Jim

Webb Addresses America’s Elites, Trump, & Foreign Policy In Keynote

‘How wrong are these elites, at least as it relates to the rest of the country? Look for a moment at the most glaring foreign policy failures of the past 15 years.’ Jim Webb, former senator and secretary of the Navy, gave this keynote address at The American Conservative’s “Foreign Policy in America’s Interest” conference […]

Webb Continues But Not Seeking the Democratic Party’s Nomination

Jim Webb National Press Club 20 October 2015 Several years ago Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s wife Elizabeth sent me a wooden chink that had been used to put together the old school house on the rural farm where he wrote his books. We’d been talking about the kinship I felt with Senator Moynihan for his […]

Remarks by Former U.S. Senator Jim Webb – Founder’s Day Ceremony

April 15, 2014
Jefferson Today, Thomas Jefferson

On Givers and Takers

September 27, 2012
Senator Jim Webb, Virginia Beach, VA

2007 State of the Union Address Response

January 23, 2007

Government Ethics in the Post-Iraq War Era

June 23, 2003
The Investment Dealers Association, Canada

Iwo Jima Reunion – 55th Anniversary

February 19, 2000
Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington VA

Military Leadership in a Changing Society

November 16, 1998
Naval War College Conference on Ethics
, Newport RI

Naval Institute Annual Conference

April 25, 1996
United States Naval Academy
, Annapolis MD

Remarks at the Confederate Memorial

June 3, 1990
Arlington National Cemetery
, Arlington VA

U.S. Military: Strength Through Flexibility

January 13, 1988
Hon. James H. Webb, Jr., Secretary of the Navy
National Press Club, Washington DC

USNA Brigade – Forrestal Lecture

September 30, 1987
Hon. James H. Webb, Jr., Secretary of the Navy
United States Naval Academy, Annapolis MD

Military Competence

August 28, 1986
Hon. James H. Webb Jr., Asst. Sec. of Defense for Reserve Affairs
Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco CA