Discussion: The White Working-Class Political Revolution

On Thursday, January 7 at 5 PM ET, Jim Webb will be appearing along with David Paul Kuhn, author of the recent book The Hardhat Riot, for a discussion hosted and arranged by The Common Good, a nationally respected nonprofit organization dedicated, in their own words, “to bring the country’s top thinkers to discuss the nation’s most crucial topics and what actions need to be taken in order to correct them.”

The Common Good has titled the event “The White Working-Class Political Revolution.” Their announced goal is for Senator Webb and Mr. Kuhn to discuss why Donald Trump and the Republican Party have been successful at attracting the mostly white working-class voters that Democrats once dominated at the polls, and how the resulting class strain has riven the electorate, along with other related analysis and insights. There will be a Question and Answer period following their discussion.

The event is described as follows on The Common Good’s Web Page:

The White Working-Class Political Revolution
Author David Paul Kuhn and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb will examine the drift of the white working-class voter from the Democratic party to the Republican party and the enormous impact it has had on U.S. politics. Together, they’ll help explain what drove these voters, and how that schism continues to exacerbate class conflict and political polarization today. In light of the most recent election, this will surely be a timely and essential conversation. The conversation will be moderated by the brilliant journalist Clyde Haberman. Join us Thursday, January 7 at 5 pm EST.
The event will run from 5:00 pm and end at approximately 5:45 pm EST. The URL link is: